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What is a Guardian Home?

Faith, Love and Doodles has created the Guardian Home Program to be a blessing for all of those involved. We bless a family with a very special and carefully selected future Faith, Love and Doodle mama or daddy, the puppy or dog has been blessed with a loving forever home, and we are blessed knowing that our future mama's and daddy's have a loving family for life. We carefully interview all families interested in this program as these puppies and dogs are the future of our high quality program. If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Parent please read on for further information as to what is expected from the Guardian Parent and pictures of the puppies and dogs we would like to place in the program.

Why do we have a Guardian Program?

As a small family breeder, this is our way of ensuring all of our breeding dogs receive the best family life and socialization from early on. It is very important to us that each dog is in a fun, loving and healthy home. 

What is expected of a Guardian Family?

Our Guardian families are responsible for providing a safe and loving home life, training, Life's Abundance food or similar high quality food, regular vaccines and veterinary checkups, heartworm preventative, grooming, etc. All regular pet expenses. A Guardian family agrees to meet or bring the dog for health testing at the appropriate age. A Guardian family agrees to meet or bring the dog to us during times of breeding and or whelping puppies. We cover all breeding related expenses including fixing him or her when they retire. We aim to retire our mamas by the age of 5 and our daddies by the age of 7 or younger. If providing a home for a female, we need her during times of breeding (about 1 week-10 days) and during the duration of whelping and nursing puppies (about 8-10 weeks). We breed up to 4 litters in most cases. If providing a home for a male, we need him for about a week at a time, and frequency will be discussed individually.  

What breeds and ages of dogs are available?

We may have puppies and young adult Golden Retrievers, Poodles (different sizes), Goldendoodles, King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Cavapoos, Sheepadoodles and possibly other breeds in the future.

Who can be a Guardian Parent?

We carefully interview all families interested in our Guardian Program. It is our heart's desire that every Faith, Love and Doodle mama and daddy have a loving home (we do not use dogs runs), receive proper training and socialization, appropriate grooming, routine veterinarian care and are fed a high quality diet. High standards of pet care for our parent dogs is the first step towards happy, healthy, awesome puppies. We do have an interview process that includes a home visit to ensure a safe environment and a fenced and secure backyard. We request that we have your current veterinarian information and that Faith, Love and Doodles is listed as an emergency contact. We do require a signed contract between the Guardian Parent and Faith, Love, and Doodles be on file. Faith, Love, and Doodles does reserve the right to remove a puppy or dog from a Guardian Home if the conditions agreed to in the contract are not met.

We have a list of potential Guardian families and desire those families to receive the puppy or dog that best suits their family's needs.

**AVAILABLE FOR GUARDIAN HOMES** - We have the following girls available for our Guardian Home Program. We are currently interviewing families for these special little ladies. If you are interested in becoming part of our program, please reach out to me.


Meet Dazzle and Jazzy. They are female King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. These sweet, lovable and silly girls are full of personality. They are between 5-6 months old.


Meet Shirley.  She is a female Standard Poodle. She is joining our program and looking for the perfect guardian homes.