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"Intuitive, curious, generous, smart, patient, loving, funny, sense of humor. These adjectives perfectly describe our almost 6 month old Goldendoodle puppy Izzy bred by Jennifer Anderson of Faith, Love, and Doodles. And yes, our puppy has a sense of humor and is intuitive and generous. As a two month old puppy she recognized that our Shih Tzu Lucy was only fed in the evenings, so in the mornings she would let Lucy eat out of her bowl first.

Izzy represents the best of nature, nurture, soundness and disposition that is only present in a breeding program fueled by knowledge, integrity and Christian family love. She came to us well loved, socialized by the amazingly lovely Anderson children, and she was ready to transfer that love to us and ALL the neighborhood children.

Thank you Jennifer, your family, and Faith, Love, and Doodles.

Betty & Earl

Fort Worth, TX

Betty is a past president of the Panhandle Kennel Club of Texas, an AKC affiliate; past director of Samoyed Club of America; showed Samoyeds and Alaskan Malamutes for 8 years, owner handled 5 to championships."

"Jennifer - not only are you breeding intelligent, funny, loving family members you have created a community of dog families that are just as wonderful as the dogs you are breeding. It is so uplifting seeing responses to cries for help, requests for information, invites for play dates and volunteers to puppy sit. If it takes a village - you have created one. Love you and yours for the joy you have brought to ALL of us."

Betty - July 2017

"Love FLD! It had been awhile since we had a puppy so I had lots of questions. Jennifer was always quick to answer! We are so in love with our doodle Ranger. We love that he was raised in a family home so his transition to ours has been easy."

Hollie - June 2017

"We got our perfect dog, Winnie, from FLD. Winnie came to us in perfect health, having been vet-checked multiple times and conscientiously cared for by Jennifer and her children in their loving, clean home. Winnie's healthy, good-natured parents were on-site. Jennifer's records were impeccable and she communicated with us and answered all of our questions throughout -- and even after -- the adoption process. At five months Winnie is confident, trusting, well-mannered, energetic, completely housebroken and the absolute love of our lives. We most highly recommend this breeder."

Cathy - April 2017

"We LOVE our goldendoodle Charlie Blue! He came to us very well

socialized with kids of all ages and also other dogs. He adjusted VERY quickly to our home, and Jennifer was quick to answer questions, offer advice and help in any way both before and after we brought him home. The transition was very easy for him and us, and I think it's because of his early socialization and her willingness to offer help :). Very satisfied!"

Heather - April 2017

"We got our doodle from Faith, Love, and Doodles and couldn't be happier! Jennifer was wonderful about answering all my questions both before and after we got our guy. He's now 7 months old and a service dog in training. I couldn't ask for a better temperament dog that had been so quick to pick up on his training."

Karen - April 2017